Research Paper

“Diverse Expertise, Peer Effects, and Research Productivity: Does diversity in idea space matter?” (with Qi Wang)

Job Market Paper

“Public Health Insurance and the Labor Market: Evidence from China’s Urban Resident Basic Medical Insurance”

Award: Best Student Paper — 38th Nordic Health Economists Study Group meeting, Helsinki 2017

Current version (coming soon)

“Higher Education and Women’s Empowerment: Evidence from China’s Higher Education Expansion”

Current version (coming soon)

Work in Progress Projects

“The Long-run Career Effect of Early Research Experience” (with Qi Wang and Carter Walter Bloch)

We exploit evidence from Danish scientists to explore whether doing research abroad during a researcher’s postdoc phase would affect his or her long-run career accomplishments.

“The Effect of Social Media on Science” (with Qi Wang)

We explore whether the use of social media like Twitter has a positive effect on promoting scientific output and increasing research productivity in academia.

“Planning for Bicycle Tourism: Estimating the Economic Effects of Bicycle Tourism in Two Swedish Regions” (with Tobias Heldt)

We evaluate the economic contribution of bicycle tourism in two specific destinations in Sweden and to estimate the willingness to pay for changes in key variables of importance for the tourist’s choice of bicycle destination.