“Public Health Insurance and the Labor Market: Evidence from China’s Urban Resident Basic Medical Insurance”, Health Economics. 2021;30:403–431. [Working Paper Version]

Working Papers

“Higher Education Expansion and Gender Norms: Evidence from China” (conditionally accepted at the Journal of Population Economics) ShanghaiTech SEM Working Paper No. 2019-006

“Someone Like You: Does cognitive distance matter for research collaboration?” (with Qi Wang) New draft coming soon

Work in Progress Projects

“Insider Bias in Academia: Evidence from Top Journal Editors in Economics and Finance” (with Hanming Fang)

“Paid Maternity Leave and Gender Discrimination: A Field Experiment on Labor Market” (with King King Li, Lunzheng Li, Zhibo Xu)

“Planning for Bicycle Tourism: Estimating the Economic Effects of Bicycle Tourism in Two Swedish Regions” (with Tobias Heldt)